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The Best Kind of Biz Chat

Two Twelve Members engage in one-on-one meetings together, commonly referred to as “Biz Chats.”   These meetings are valuable;   it’s an opportunity to dive deeper into the services and resources that we can provide to each other, the processes that we follow, and oftentimes result in better awareness.   The Biz Chat is an important tool because it helps us truly understand and serve each other.

What constitutes a “good” Biz Chat?  It’s overly simplistic to say that all Biz Chats are valuable.  After all, sometimes a meeting is a complete dud and doesn’t provide the kind insight that we really need.  A good, engaging Biz Chat has several consistent characteristics that help both parties.

Equal Time

There are few things more frustrating than a single-sided conversation.   When one party dominates the discussion and commandeers the time, it really is discouraging.  Allow for equal opportunities to share and explain what you do but be sure that you give the other person as much opportunity.  They’ll really appreciate your interest.

Look for Synergies

Your fellow business contact may not really offer a product or service that you need.   That’s OK, of course.  But perhaps you have an associate who not only might need their services but could also introduce them to a whole new level of contacts.   We can better serve each other when we look beyond our own interests and see what value these new relationships can contribute to other people we know.

Ask Questions

The Biz Chat is a perfect opportunity to ask a lot of questions about your colleague.  There is insight and wisdom to be gained is incredibly valuable!   Use the time to ask a lot of questions, but particularly ask about how you can best refer them.   What kind of clients do they look for?  What projects are best for their teams?  Is there a particular industry or market that they focus in?  What kind of problems do they solve for their customers?   Asking questions in your Biz Chat really uncovers great information that helps you.

Follow Up

After investing the time and effort to have a solid Biz Chat, the last critical step is to follow up.  When you’re finished with the Biz Chat, be sure to send some kind of follow-up thank you note. Don’t forget to pass along possible referrals, introductions, and/or contacts as soon as possible.


Biz Chats provide a great tool in the Two Twelve Network.  Leveraging these opportunities can provide you with great understanding, wonderful introductions, and a powerful connection within the network.  Learn to maximize these times and improve the value of Two Twelve!