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Each member agrees to our Member Ethics Covenant.  This is critical to how we treat each other and the performance expectations to which we are held accountable.

Membership Ethics Covenant

As a member of Two Twelve Referral Network, it is imperative that you always operate in a fair and ethical manner. Further, our members are expected to deliver an exceptional level of service to all clients that were referred to them. We make the following promise to our fellow members by agreeing to the Two Twelve Referral Network Member Ethics Covenant:

  1. I am able and willing to introduce and endorse my fellow members to my clients, and others that I know.
  2. I will provide the highest level of quality service to the referrals I receive.
  3. I will honor all pricing that I have proposed.
  4. I will follow up with all referrals within a 24-hour period.
  5. I will arrive on time to all meetings and will always project a positive “Ready-to-Help” attitude.
  6. I will always be honest in my dealings with Members and their referrals.
  7. I understand that attendance is critical. If I miss more than 4 meetings in any 6-month period, without providing a qualified Substitute, the Corporate Office can open my seat classification to a competitor.
  8. I understand that my membership renewal is not automatic but is contingent upon my performance and overall value to the Team.
  9. I will abide by all Two Twelve Referral Network Policies and Procedures.
  10. I understand that the Team Governing Committee can recommend immediate termination of my membership if I falsify any business or referral information or violate any part of this Covenant.

I understand in signing this Covenant Agreement, it remains in effect for the duration of my membership with Two Twelve Referral Network including membership renewals. I have read the Member’s Ethics Covenant and promise to abide by its direction. Furthermore, I understand that if the Governing Committee ever feels that I am in violation of any part of this covenant, the Governing Committee has full authority to recommend disqualification of my membership to a Regional Director or higher authority at the corporate office. (Full, or Partial refund determined by Two  Twelve Referral Network Corporate Office.)