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The Art of the Referral

Within Two Twelve, it’s very important that members do business with as many other members as possible.  The reason for this is that there is no better way to truly understand a member’s value proposition or what really differentiates them from their competitors.

More importantly, this now gives them “Plausible Referrability”!  Sure, we can attempt to introduce and endorse our fellow teammates without being their client and still be successful to a certain degree, but when we ARE their client, we’re able to speak about them and their specific attributes FIRST HAND and with ENTHUSIASM!

It should be noted that of course, that we are not expected to do business with ALL MEMBERS.  All of us have “Pre-Existing Loyalties”; and that’s fine.  But if we can do business with 4 or 5 teammates, that’s HUGE!!

Doing business with your fellow Teammates is what we call a “Level One Referral”.  They are IMPORTANT to be sure.  But all of us should strive for “Level Two Referrals”.

Level Two Referrals are the “Juice” in Two Twelve.  This is when we feel comfortable and confident in recommending and endorsing our fellow teammates to OUR CLIENTS and others we know.  This is the greatest opportunity get your business to the next level!

Have a look at the business you’ve given AND received within Two Twelve.  How many teammates do you do business with?  How many “Level Two Referrals” have you passed?

Having a balance of both Level One and Level Two Referrals on both sides will ensure your continued success!