Andy Fulghum, President and Founder

Andy is the president and founder of the Two Twelve Referral Network and the driving force behind the network.  Andy’s leadership and participation has built the foundation of over 40 different teams throughout Virginia.

Andy is also the president of Atlantic Logo Wear, specializing in custom shirts, embroidered products, and marketing/promotional products that help businesses grow their brand awareness and strategic marketing position.

Andy can be contacted at:


Sandy Fulghum, Comptroller

Sandy handles all aspects of operations for the Two Twelve Referral Network. She’s also incredibly knowledgeable with Two Twelve Training.   Got a question?  She’s your “Go-To” contact for all kinds of answers!

Sandy can be contacted at:


Leon Brownlee, Area Mentor

Leon serves as an Area Mentor, helping grow and sustain teams and members throughout Richmond.  He leverages his sales training, and leadership experience to help members maximize their investment in the Two Twelve Referral Network.

Leon is the owner of WelcomeMat Services of Richmond, a digital and direct marketing company that introduces new residents to local businesses.    A seasoned marketing pro and sales consultant Leon drives client acquisition for his clients.

You can contact Leon at:


Steve Feher, Area Mentor

Steve serves as an Area Mentor, helping grow and sustain teams and members throughout Richmond.  He’s developed the B2B Focus Groups and helped provide content at the Quarterly Training sessions for the Two Twelve Referral Network.

Steve serves as Vice President of Internet Development Services at The Ridgefield Group, an IT Consulting firm specializing in web application, ecommerce, and website development.

You can reach Steve at:


April Lee, Area Mentor

April serves as an Area Mentor, helping Richmond area Two Twelve Referral Network teams continue to expand. April’s career has been driven by her passion to help realtors and homebuyers achieve their goals. With her marketing, real estate and networking experience since 2006, this busy mother of three is excited to help you start a Two Twelve team or help your existing team grow.

She started her career as a realtor and marketing manager for a large firm in the area and became a residential mortgage loan officer in 2010.  She has since helped hundreds of clients refinance or purchase a home.

You can reach April at: