The concept of the Two Twelve Referral Network is based off the boiling point of water.

At 211 degrees, all you have is hot water. But, by adding just one more degree and getting to 212 degrees, you now have steam that can move locomotives, drive industry and generate power for so many things.

The Two Twelve Referral Network exists to add that one additional degree to your business – and drive growth and opportunity for you.

At Two Twelve Referral Network, we create powerful tools and processes; training and systems; as well as technology and resources to help you get the most out of your referral network.

At Two Twelve, we believe “you need a GREAT network to save you legwork.” By creating a unique proprietary process, systems and incentives; we believe we have created a new and streamlined referral network for these changing times. If you want to know why we are so unique, visit our why page.


We are laser-focused on targeting specific, permission-based referrals for our networking partners.  We don’t just “know a guy” who can help;  our contacts are thought-leaders, high-performers, and dedicated professionals who excel in their industry.

Through Two Twelve, you are working with trustworthy, competent professionals every time!


Two Twelve meetings are run efficiently, every time.   Everyone is busy, so being concise, direct, and efficient is important.

We’re also tremendously effective because we get down to business and respect the time commitments of our partners.  We get a lot done and bring a tremendous amount of business to each other.


Two Twelve members know that what is rewarded is often repeated!  Giving an appropriate expression of gratitude for business referrals is important.

Our proprietary Corporate and Member-to-Member gratitude incentives help us remember that our business relationships are the foundation to our success.