As many of our Two Twelve Teams are learning to adapt to Work-From-Home (WFH) and ‘social distancing’, we’ve been able to setup a great tool to help enable video conferencing and team meetings.   Overall, our goal is to help Two Twelve Referral Network teams remain active, supportive and as successful as possible.

We previously shared some best practices for video conferencing in another post, and those concepts will help everyone get the most from these efforts.  That previous post provides more general ideas.  This post is meant to help you simplify and synchronize your access to the video conferencing so that it’s SIMPLE and EASY to join in.

STEP 1 – Get the Software

Regardless of what device you’re using, you’re going to need to download software to maximize it. This link to Global Meet is the best source for all software downloads – regardless of whether you’re on Desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Best Practice Tip
You may access from your phone or computer.   We’d strong recommend downloading the appropriate software for ALL devices that you could possibly use for work, this way, you’ll always have access, regardless of which device you’re running at the time a meeting starts.  Check your desktop, laptop, and smartphone to always be able to join a meeting.

STEP 2 – Configure the Software

Once you’ve installed the software, setup and configure it immediately.  Don’t wait for 5 minutes before the meeting starts!   Setup, test, and run a quick check to ensure that the software installs, you know how to access it, and can join a meeting quickly.   Fumbling around later is no fun!

Best Practice Tip
The Outlook Plugin is integrated very well — it allows you to access and join a meeting VERY easily, right from within Outlook.  Global Meet Outlook Plugin Interface




Step 3 – Sharing, Inviting, and Using the Software

There are several key things about Global Meet that are really helpful.

  1. The meeting “link” never changes.   Your team meeting will always be held at the same location (and it should be similar to   You can always use the same dial in phone number and the same guest passcode to access the phone meeting.
  2. The software has access to documents – like applications, meeting scripts, and other tools that we regularly refer to inside a normal Two Twelve Meeting.
  3. There is help available inside every meeting!   You can always access technical support and assistance from inside the meeting space, making it simple to troubleshoot any problems you may have.
  4. Hosts receive a copy of the meeting recording after the meeting ends.

Best Practice Tip 
Since your meeting URL never changes, it’s super easy to invite others.   Ask your Team Chair for the link for your team and feel free to share with guests!  For a great video on ‘how to share’, watch this clip from Global Meet:

Send an Invitation

Best Practice Tip 
If you’re delivering the “Member Spotlight” on a particular day, you can leverage the software to deliver slides/presentations as part of the meeting.  This enables you to easily and simply present your business fluidly on the site.  Let your Team Chair know if you want to use this for your Member Spotlight!  You may also want to practice in advance so that your experience is smooth.  Watch these videos for more details:

 Share Files in Global Meet
Share files in Global Meet

Share Screen in Global Meet
Share Screen in Global Meet

Like most software, it takes time to get comfortable. The more you use it, the better it works for you!  We’ve run a few demonstration meetings for people to test the software and hardware and remain available to assist as needed.


Need Help?

There are plenty of resources available to assist.

  1. Global Meet has a large library of videos and guides to help with all kinds of questions.  This is probably the best first-stop for help.
  2. There are also Live and On-Demand training sessions available.
  3. We have some Two Twelve experts who can assist you also!
    Reach out to Keith Miller or Steve Feher for help with troubleshooting.