Have you ever been around a hero? A person who stepped up just because there was an emergency? We fondly and respectfully call my dad’s generation (he turns 93 in 2 weeks) “The Greatest Generation”. They were men who stepped up and did what they had to do in WWII. Whatever it cost!

Sacrifice of time, lifestyle, life. Whatever it took, they got the job done. Heroes, with no doubt. Everyone respects them. On our trip to Nashville, my dad wore his WWII Veterans hat. That makes you a rockstar in Nashville to people who otherwise would have no idea who you are. A dozen or more strangers a day would come up and thank him for his service (including Brenda Lee), to which he would say, “It was my honor.” After all, what was he going to do, let the world be overrun by a small collection of dictators? He was and they were “That Guy.” To them, we owe a debt. They owe no one, others owe them.

You need to be “That Guy.”

In business (or in Two Twelve), you need to be “That Guy.” You may be successful just by doing your job. But when you become the guy with a recommendation for a client that helps solve a problem… you are “That Guy” to your client. When you have an introduction for a fellow business person that helps them be successful, helps them find a client, helps them connect, to them, you have become “That Guy.”

If you want to succeed in your business, become “That Guy” to others, and you will be “THE GUY” they think of first.