Two Twelve Referral Network is not just different.  That sounds cliche and over-used.  We want the referral process to evolve and meet the needs of a constantly changing business environment.

There are specific items that we’ve focused on to ensure that Two Twelve is relevant and truly unique!

What Makes the Two Twelve Network Unique?

Background Checks

Each prospective member will under go a thorough background check by a third party Screening Firm. Some of the areas to be verified include proper licensing, a clean BBB report, and they are checked to make sure there is no criminal history or a listing on the sex offender registry.

Member Promotions

Each team and their respective members can have a profile on the Two Twelve website. Members can utilize this tool to help communicate,  manufacture opportunities for each other, and build business together.

Team Support

All TwoTwelve Referral Teams can receive extra help from the Corporate Office.  Our support for teams helps maximize efforts and build a powerful network that generate business.

Corporate Gratitude

As a member of Two Twelve, if you recruit a new member to join any team, the Two Twelve Corporation will show their gratitude with a $100 check.   This is just another way to keep gratitude at the forefront of our network and express our appreciation to you!

Training and Support

As part of the Two Twelve Network, you’ll be invited to various training experiences to help you grow your own business, support your Two Twelve team, and squeeze more value from the whole network.   This is a tremendous area for growth within Two Twelve and important to our member’s success!


Two Twelve offers a unique proprietary component called a “Gratitude Incentive”.  This is completely optional for all members, however highly encouraged.  When a member receives a piece of business, they are encouraged to show their gratitude both verbally AND tangibly.  This “Tangible Expression of Gratitude” is different for everyone.  Some take the referral giver to […]

Member-Guest Socials

We schedule regular social events that are geared to help you bring guests!   Our social events are low-key, fun, and designed to help your business connections to grow stronger!

Member Sponsorship

Each prospective new member must be sponsored in by an existing member. The existing member has “Vouched” for them and their character.


Our weekly meetings are purposefully structured to be extremely efficient (60 minutes or less). We respect your time and won’t abuse it!

Ethics Covenant

Each member agrees to our Member Ethics Covenant.  This is critical to how we treat each other and the performance expectations to which we are held accountable.

The WHOLE Network

You’re automatically invited to visit other Two Twelve teams!  We have some best practices about respecting other members who share your same industry, but all members are encouraged to take advantage of our entire network of referral partners!

All About Performance

Our Governing Committees (team leaders) review each member’s performance and overall contribution to their team.  We are constantly looking to ensure that teams are performing at a high level and building value for each other.  At Two Twelve, our model (and, more importantly, our results!) speaks for itself.